Speaking Engagements with Laura Cathcart Robbins

The only one in the room isn’t just the name of my podcast, it’s an experience that has helped shape my life.  The only Black woman in the room, the only sober one in the room, the only divorced mom, etc.  

My unique outlook and life experience allow me to be an ambassador for anyone who has been ‘othered’ and struggles to have their voices heard. As evidenced by my fourteen years on the DEIJ board committee of The Buckley School, I am extremely passionate about inclusivity and creating access and resources for marginalized communities.

Keynote Topics:

The Only One In The Room:  Can’t picture what it’s like to feel alone in a room full of people? My talk on what it’s really like to navigate our world as a Black woman will help give you some insight and perspective.

Sobriety and/or sobriety and motherhood: When I got sober a little over thirteen years ago, I did so for two reasons: 1) I knew that if I didn’t I would die and 2) I wanted to be the mother that my kids deserved. 

Turning Pain Into Pages: As the late, great Nora Ephron said, “everything is copy.” In addition to my 17 personal essays published in Huffpo on various vulnerable subjects, I wrote my first memoir (Atria/Simon & Schuster) about the most painful ten months of my life. 

How I Turned My Viral Essay into a Successful Podcast: In 2018 I write a viral article that became the foundation for The Only One In The Room.  Hear how I did it and learn what might work for you.

Keynote Speaker: Why Allyship is the Key to Social Justice with Laura Cathcart Robbins



Shameless Mom Con

with Sara Dean


Entrepreneurial Guest Lecture

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles Ca.


Book Launch, Holly Whitaker: Quit

Like A Woman

Panel Moderator, Los Angeles Ca.


San Diego Writers Festival

Creator/ Panel Leader… How To Turn Your Story Into A Podcast

Black Stories Matter


A Night With Laura Cathcart Robbins

Lecture/ Main Speaker

The University Of Richmond,

Richmond, Va. 02/03/2020

Podcast Movement Festival

Panel Moderator: Get Your Guest To Say Yes

Los Angeles, CA


How to Turn Your Pain into Art, An Interactive Experience

with Laura Cathcart Robbins



How to Turn Your Pain into Art, An Interactive Experience

with Laura Cathcart Robbins